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Nathan Duff is commercial photographer from Brisbane, Australia. 

Nathans ability to capture action in camera and produce emotive and atmospheric photographs on location has seen him commissioned by a large list of local and international clients including

Ford, Porsche, PENSKE Trucks, Mercedes Daimler, Mazda, Nissan Motor Co, Isuzu Ute, BMW, Audi, Fiat / Chrysler, Hyundai, VW Australia, Bowdens Own,Top Gear, Top Gear (UK), Wheels, MOTOR, Street Machine, EVO, CAR (UK), Owner Driver, Unique Cars, Caravan World, Camper Trailer, 4x4 Australia, Australian Caravan & RV.

Nathan publishes his own magazine "Retromotive" every quarter. Details on this page or visit

Ph (+61) 0405061026


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Retromotive Magazine

Retromotive is a premium,  Australian based, quarterly publication focused on cars, people and their stories. We have no allegiance to brand, badge or tribe. The magazines clean, uncluttered layout strips everything back to reveal an intimate journey through beautiful imagery and engaging stories.

You don’t have to be a car person to enjoy our features. Retromotive is designed to elicit the feeling and emotions a car can evoke in almost anyone. If you appreciate beautiful design, emotive imagery and have a genuine thirst to explore insightful stories, then Retromotive has something for you.